Programming Services

- Design your own Expert Advisor/Automated Program/Black Box system or indicator for forex trading. We offer design services for Mt4, Mt5, Ninjatrader, Multicharts, Tradestation, Jforex and all most recent automated platforms.

- Choose platform and combine standard or customised indicators to add to your expert advisor.

Our experienced developers can code anything to satisfy most automated trading requirements.
Dll's, API's and all programming languages MQL4, MQL5, C ,C#, C++, JAVA, etc – enquire for language and system.

Quotes start from 50 USD per hour with a 100% guarantee of all work completed as requested in project requirements.

We also recommend that on top of the initial logic to your newly designed Expert Advisor (be it fundamental or technical), that to improve performance some optional extras are added:

Optional Extras For Expert Advisors and Indicators:

Trails and stops

1/. Cloak the StopLoss, TakeProfit and TrailingStop to brokers.  Some brokers can use this against you!

2/. Breakeven function -  Moves the StopLoss to the breakeven level when the trade is in profit by “X” amount of pips.

3/. Trailing Stop -  simple trailing, the stoploss follows by the market trend.

4/. Profit % Trailing - trailing with some percent locked of maximum profit reached.

5/. High or Low Trailing - trailing by bars High or Low.

6/. TrendLine Trailing -  trailing by a TrendLine added manually on the chart.

7/. Indicator Trailing - trailing by any custom or standard indicator, MovingAverage, ATR, etc.

Day and Time Management

11/. Possibility to define the EA active on certain days of the week.

12/. Specific Trade times to open order from hh:mm to hh:mm.

13/. Specific time to Close open orders at CloseTime – profitable orders, losing orders, all orders.

Money Management / Lot Calculation

14/. Multiple Profit targets or Fixed Profit limits can be added.

15/. Percentage of account balance, every new order will have “X” percent available of total capital to trade with (most common).

16/. Decreasing Risk - Trade with the highest risk at the beginning and risk reduction by the end of the period of investment.

17/. Winning Run - will reduce lot size after a run of profitable trades.  Lot size will decrease until expert advisor will open a losing order.

18/. Dynamic lot calculation as of -  % of Account, Risk % or Martingale theory.


19/. Email alerts , Sound, Popups on set/open/modify/close/delete of an order

20/. Support of Market Execution which is required for ECN brokers, for example a new order is executed with zero StopLoss (SL) and TakeProfit (TP), once opened then immediately the SL and TP are added.

We also offer extra options for Indicators

21/. Extra alerts  - e-mail alert, pop -ups and sound.

22/. Reverse Divergence.