Programming Services

Programming Services - Design your own Expert Advisor/Automated Program/Black Box Forex, CFD or Spread Betting system or indicator. (Mt4, Mt5, Ninjatrader, Multicharts etc). Contact our support team now for a consultation. We mainly accept Paypal for payment, for other methods please contact our support address.








Data Services

High quality historical data available for back testing your expert advisors, Up to 7 years available for all major currency crosses for EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, Gold. Buy complete 14 set for 300 USD or contact our support for individual pairs for 30 USD. Our data is sourced and averaged from five major providers for a more unbiased price. We mainly accept Paypal for payment, for other methods please contact our support address.




Welcome to Wasp Trading Systems,

Our objective is to provide high quality automated trading systems that our clients understand from the ground up. There are too many "Expert Advisors" (EA's) / Trading Strategies on the market that only the vendor knows what goes inside the EA and they do not offer transparency in their systems.

Q) What is an Expert Advisor / Trading Strategy ?
A) An automated trading program that is used to open and close orders on a trading platform.

Good Expert Advisors are hard to find, well developed EA's are generally not available to the public at an affordable price that work on the forex, equity, commodites, CFD's and derivatives "automated" trading platforms Metatrader 4 (mt4), Metatrader 5 (mt5), Ninjatrader or Multicharts etc. These platforms offer full automated capabilities and are hosted by many leading brokers such as FX Pro, FXCM, Alpari, Citibank etc.

We at Wasp Trading Systems want to help change the lack of good EA's out there by making highly profitable EA's available to the private and corporate investor. Many brokers and forums offer "free" EA's that are not well designed or which are purposely designed to fail, to not be transparent and to quickly burn your balance away to zero.

The advantages of an EA trading are very significant versus a person, an EA can look for trading opportunities from when the markets open in Asia at 11pm GMT on Sunday to 10pm GMT on Friday without taking a break or needing rest. For example, you could go about your daily business or leave the program unattended for hours and the EA would keep trading. You can also control 100% how much capital you want to risk as opposed to a trader inside a bank only concerned about how much of a bonus they make.

We also offer our own intoduction to automated trading, the profitable Expert Advisor "Hornet FX2", which has been developed and tested to a high standard. Try our introduction to automated trading systems and to purchase please click the Hornet FX2 "Buy Now" button or contact our support address for further information. Upon receiving payment we will release your new Expert Advisor and you will also receive the unlock instructions, then test with your mt4 broker and trade! The "Hornet FX2" Expert Advisor has been well developed with a combination of classic tried and tested reliable technical indicators with money management and is at a very affordable price of only 99 USD. See our historical performance page for genuine results tested on high quality data with our Expert Advisor system.

Alternatively, design your own new Expert Advisor, Automated trading program or ''Black Box'' system for Forex, CFD or Spread Betting with your own trading ideas. Also, If you have a manual trading system that works or an existing EA that works on another platform, we can transfer and automate it and code it for you on Metatrader 4+5, Ninja Trader, Multicharts or any platform. We also offer programming services for indicators (dll’s, c++, mql4, mql5, java etc) as well as most other trading related technology requirements. Contact our Support desk for a quote, starting from only 50 USD per hour.

We also believe in transparency and honesty, which is why we clearly display clearly what is inside our EA’s (unlike most competitors) and have no problem telling anybody what indicators we use. Our EA’s are also very robust as they are coded to a high standard. Although we have recommended settings, there is of course the possibility to develop and test your own system by turning different parameters on and off or by selecting different timeframes and settings.

Our goal is also to educate, train and provide automated trading systems you fully understand, not to promote a heavily marketed Expert Advisor program that has very high unrealisitic demo account returns and that advertises on a statement based website with 99.9% capital risk, 99.9% drawdown and 100% broker leverage at 500-1.

Furthermore, we offer high quality historical data for back testing your Expert Advisors, we have up to 7 years available for all major currency crosses for EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, Gold. Buy complete 14 set for 300 USD or purchase currencies individually for 30 USD.

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